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Feeling a certain way about NJM Insurance’s “No Jingles or Mascots” campaign? You’re not alone. More than ever, mascots of all shapes, sizes, and species are searching for a sense of purpose. Thankfully, I’m here to help you cope with the fact that great insurance speaks for itself. The first step is getting a quote from NJM today (commonly referred to as exposure therapy).

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Dr. Schmoctor,

Meet Me, America’s Leading Mascot Therapist

After receiving very important degrees from the University of Scientific Study + College of Health Sciences, I’ve dedicated my life to the emotional well-being of mascots. I currently specialize in the treatment of Insurance-Induced Phobias, Fuzzy Anxiety Syndrome, and other serious mascot matters.

Ranked #1 by Insurance Mascot Therapy Digest.

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Intel Insurance

“I was feeling so empty inside, but Dr. Schmoctor helped me get my head on straight.”

The Claims Catfish
Lakeside Insurance

“I’m hopeful Dr. Schmoctor can make me feel like a big fish in a little pond again.”

Al Paca
AlpaCo Insurance


Roller Bird
Pink Flamingo Insurance

“Dr. Schmoctor is amazing. She gave me the courage I needed to spread my wings and fly.”

Psychology Monthly
Over 2 million copies sold

Yes, You Do Have a Big Head

Using my proprietary Schmoctor Method™, this award-winning self-help guide delivers the groundbreaking insights that have encouraged mascots just like you to find their happy place underneath those layers of sweaty fabric.

Sorry, Sold Out
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